Japanese Tea House(Chashitsu) architectures

茶室とは | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所

Along with the japanese tea ceremony, the japanese tea house (Chashitsu) has evolved and inherited for 500 years, and its culture and spirit. The "Soan tea house", which was created by the innovation of traditional architecture by Sen no Rikyu

方丈庵 Hohjo-An

Tokyo , Shinagawa

Although it is a small space, a dirt floor seat was set up in the Kyoma three-mat corner cutting furnace, and a standing mizuya was built in the kitchen connected to the japanese tea house(Chashits) by removing the wall. In the open field, a stool waiting room with a standing "tsukubai" is arranged like a stage, and it has been reborn as a japanese tea house space where you can fully enjoy tea while being compact.

In addition, the old house fittings and ceremonial table that the owner had preserved are reused to create a tea house that has been restored and regenerated.

東京都品川区の茶室 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所
東京都目黒区の茶室 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所

東籬庵 Tohkoh-An

Tokyo , Meguro

I hope for a modern Japanese-style architecture that suits the current lifestyle while setting up a full-fledged tea room in a quiet residential area in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

We set the "Nijiriguchi" from the entrance and crossed the japanese tea house booth (2nd tatami mat) and the tatami corridor with the tea garden to the tea house hall (8 tatami mats), and an LDK was set up in the back.

By providing private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor, it is a house that takes into consideration the segregation of living environments.


華久庵 Kakyu-An

Tokyo , Minato-ward

Designed a stand-alone japanese tea house(Chashits) away from home.

In the front room of the third tatami mat booth, there is a stool with a good view, and you can open the shoji and perform tea ceremony as one.

We are particular about materials and construction methods, and we have successfully combined the old-fashioned method of carving the famous wood selected by the carpenter one by one by hand with the modern method of making the foundation and structure solid.

The exterior of 2Chashits"is set higher than the others, and the image of a tea house built on a hill. We had many meetings with the gardener, and using the original stones and trees, we became familiar with our home and tea room, and it became a space with history and story.

東京都港区の茶室 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所
home-design (32).jpg

具庵 Gu-An

Chiyoda ward, Tokyo

A Japanese Tea House(Chashitsu) space where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city in Ginza, Tokyo. It is a Japanese tea house with a gallery where the space can be changed in various ways by opening and closing the fittings.


Assembled , suitcase

Japanese tea house

組立茶室 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所

匠創庵 Sohshou-An

Assembled Tea house

This tea room is in the sinking method without any hardware

Kumiko work wall Ethanol, fusuma wall of Edo Komon, watermark, waterside with image table mosaic tile, open field Mise and trees grow thick.

Others Edo Kiriko, Zhuangbiao, Plasterer Taku I don't have the craftsmanship and friends of many craftsmen.


禅庵 ZEN-An

Suitcase Tea house

The style is a simplified form but not scrapped from original tea room, it is the best work of making it a new "one" type of assembly tea room.
The concept of tea ceremony is unchanged, thus,  it is packed with the thoughts of the owner as well as the craftsman`s mind in a suitcase and travels the world. Itself is the essense of Zen.

スーツケース茶室 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所

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