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華久庵 Kakyu-An

A Japanese tea house(Chashitsu) with a third tatami mat, a mizuya, and a stool. It is a tea room that connects the history of reusing old stones, moss, and old plum trees.

Designed a stand-alone tea room away from home.
In the front room of the third tatami mat booth, there is a stool with a good view, and you can open the shoji and perform tea ceremony as one.
There is a large and spacious mizuya in the back, and you can make a room of about 7 tatami mats (Kyoma) by removing the partition Karagami and Taiko fusuma and moving to the front of the mizuya. This is a device to create a space that can be used for purposes other than tea ceremony.
We are particular about materials and construction methods, and we have successfully combined the old-fashioned method of carving the famous wood selected by the carpenter one by one by hand with the modern method of making the foundation and structure solid.
The exterior is set higher than the others, and the image of a tea room built on a hill. We had many meetings with the gardener, and using the original stones and trees, we became familiar with our home and tea room, and it became a space with history and story.

華久庵 Kakyu-An

Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Use: Tea room (stand-alone type)

Structural scale: Wooden one-story building

Construction period: June 2017-August 2018

Construction company: Oasis Takubo Co., Ltd.

Total floor area: 20.77㎡

Person in charge: Asami Karasu

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