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Japanese traditional house

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東京都目黒区の和モダン・和風住宅 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所


Tokyo , Meguro

The top floor of the building, which is a 3-minute walk from the station in Tokyo and has good access, has been completely renovated into a traditional japanese house  with japanese tea room(Chashits).
Natural squeezed logs are used for the floor pillars of the eight tatami mat hall, and 2500-year-old cedar is used for the base and top plates of the side floors. In addition, avoiding the beams of the structure and using nets and decorative rafters to create a descending ceiling.The roof balcony has an open field that is lightweight and has measures against wind. From the wooden deck with a good view, you can overlook the city beyond the open field. It is a hideaway salon where you can spend a relaxing time even in your busy daily life.


Works of Commercial Spaces


Chashitsu in Office

Tokyo JP

This is a proposal for a new office space divided into a tea room space and a meeting space.

We have created a full-fledged tea room space that does not seem like a single floor in a high-rise building.

Amid the changing awareness of the office due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have positioned it as a space for expanding our business to the world with the spirit of Zen.


Tempura Arakawa

Tokyo , Kita-ward

The long-established tempura "Arakawa", which has been operating in Higashijujo, Kita-ku for 45 years, has moved to Akabane and newly opened.

It is a store created by the craftsmen who always make japanese tea house(Chashits), each demonstrating their craftsmanship.
We are particular about solid materials, and we also challenge traditional autumnal walls such as "Sugimaru" pillars and solid oak counters. The ceiling is oval raised and gold is pasted on the ceiling. From Edo to the Japanese-style room, the image of the eaves roof is made through lattice rafters.

東京都北区の和風店舗 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所
千葉県佐原市の和風店舗 | 茶室・和風建築の設計/建築/リフォームの建築設計事務所 | 椿建築デザイン事務所

Sawara KURA Bar

Chiba , Sawara

Sawara in Chiba Prefecture is famous for legendary paddy fields. The old rice brewery built along the Ono River, which is crowded with tourists, has been renovated into a japanese traditional restaurant and BAR. The first floor of the warehouse, which has been unused for a long time, can be used as a bar counter and semi-private room seats, and the second floor can be used as a large dining room.The space decorated with antique furniture and accessories owned by the owner of the brewery created a calmness that has been there for a long time.


Matsubaya Saryo

Minato Ward, Tokyo

We were asked to design a teahouse as a meditation space to appreciate bonsai, and we designed the ultimate teahouse. The interior of the teahouse is completely blocked out from light and sound from the outside, and is a tiny one-tatami teahouse with only a bench and a one-tatami teahouse. The walls are made of earthenware and latticed with mirrors. The interior is protected by a bamboo blind, and is operated as a bonsai cafe, where you are greeted by a lone pine tree at the entrance.


Kimono Misuzu

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

A long-established kimono shop in Kitami, Setagaya Ward has been renovated into a salon with a tea room that will promote Japanese culture. The first floor of the street-facing store in an apartment building has been completely renovated to create a large room with a Kyo-ma 8-tatami mat daime tea ceremony seat and a large water room at the back, making it a Japanese culture salon space that can be used as a stage for various Japanese cultural activities such as dance, flower arrangement, rakugo and storytelling.


Hebi no Ichi Main Store

Chuo Ward, Tokyo

We renovated an existing open terrace shed in the backyard into a private VIP room in the style of a teahouse. Because the existing shed was made of steel, we installed wooden fixtures of different designs on three sides, installed a light ceiling with shoji screens, and installed a solid zelkova floor for the tokonoma alcove, with a simple renovation centered on the fixtures.


Introducing the process of buildings.

Customers from world-wide is welcoming!


First of all, we will carefully listen to your request.

We would like to hear your requests so that we can make proposals that match various conditions and lifestyles from our customers.


Investigation, confirmation of laws and regulations

In order to make the plan more concrete, including the ground and height difference, we will also investigate the surrounding environment.


In principle, we will support rough plans free of charge .

Based on the content of the consultation,we will create a rough plan summarized from the designer's point of view. 

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