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the process of Design

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We would like to hear your request.

We would like to hear your requests so that we can make proposals that match various conditions and lifestyles from our customers, such as floor plans and designs.In addition, in order to make the plan more concrete, including the ground and height difference, we will investigate the site situation and surrounding environment, and then confirm the law and consider it.Based on the content of the consultation and the survey results of laws and regulations, we will create a rough plan summarized from the designer's point of view.In principle, consultation + rough plan proposals are free of charge.

We will convince you of the direction of the rough plan, and we will make a design contract with us when proceeding with the plan.15% of the design fee will be charged at the time of contract.If you tell us your desired items, we will propose a plan that meets your needs.In addition, we will make adjustments until the customer is satisfied and complete the plan.
Whether there is any difference between the design policy and the request, we will make a model, perspective, etc. to make it easier to actually grasp the part that is difficult to convey in the drawing, make a proposal by presentation, and get approval for the basic design.15% of the design fee will be charged when the basic design is approved.

Calculate the current stage plan based on the customer's request and desired items by estimation for budget confirmation, and reconfirm the direction including the budget.
Since the estimate is a rough estimate, there may be some discrepancies with the official estimate.

It will be a design contract.


Based on the approved basic design, we repeated discussions while reviewing and modifying it again to create an implementation design drawing.

Contents of the drawing to be created ...
Various as a design summary, site area plan, internal finish table, floor plan, elevation, cross-section, structural drawing, development drawing, joinery list, exterior composition, furniture drawing, lighting / equipment layout, and list simultaneous progress Check the basic design of laws and regulations to see if there are any legal problems, and submit a confirmation application to the government or private organization after creating the necessary documents and drawings.

40% of the design fee will be charged when the implementation design is approved.


final design

If there is no designated contractor from the customer, we will introduce a contractor who has experience suitable for the property in construction.

Formal quotation made by the builder.
(If you wish, we will request a quote from several companies.)

Request for quotation


Confirmation of estimated items and overlooked items in the contents of estimates by designers and multiple companies.
If there is an error with the rough estimate, we will submit it again after meeting with the contractor, including the VE plan, and explain it.

VE plan ... Abbreviation for Value Engineering.
A method of grasping the "value" of a product or service in relation to "function" and "cost" to improve "value".

For example, we were considering a building material called A at the estimation stage, but we proposed a building material called B, which has the same function and is cheaper.
In addition, proposing a building material called C that eliminates unnecessary functions and reduces costs is called a VE plan.

Estimate adjustment (VE plan)


Once the plan, amount, and contractor are decided, you will be asked to conclude a construction contract. A contract is signed between the builder and the builder. Two contract documents are created, and the contract is concluded when the builder and the contractor have one copy of the contract document and one copy of the contract document. We will create 3 copies including the construction supervisor (designer). The construction supervisor is not a direct party to the contract, but will be signed and stamped as the supervisor.

Builder's decision


Before construction, the designer and builder will discuss whether there are any problems with the construction method during construction and whether the design policy is reflected.
In addition, if there is a change or a proposal for an enforcement method, we will also check whether there is any deviation in the design policy and whether there is a legal problem.

When the site starts to move, as a general rule, the designer and the builder hold a regular site meeting about once a week to confirm and instruct whether the site is reflected according to the contract drawing, and the customer writes the contents in writing. I will report to.
At that time, we will set up the schedule of the groundbreaking ceremony and create a process chart up to the upper building ceremony.

In the case of wooden construction, 15% of the design fee will be charged at the time of building up and at the end of the structure for RC / steel frame.

Construction started


We will be present when the government (private sector) organization conducts a confirmation inspection to see if there are any differences or problems between the confirmation application documents submitted to the government (private sector) before the start of construction and the site.

At the same time, we will make a final inspection of the contract implementation drawing by the design office and whether the construction is done according to the contents requested by the customer at the time of construction.

Completion inspection


Is there any difference between the contract implementation drawing and the site in the presence of the designer / builder?Also, the final confirmation of the desired item to be corrected / changed.In addition, we also accept consultations such as total coordination regarding interiors.Coordination fee such as furniture + curtains will be charged separately.

Completion inspection


After the completion inspection and completion inspection, the date and time will be decided and the completion will be delivered.At the time of delivery, each equipment supplier and builder will explain how to handle the equipment.

After delivery, 15% of the design fee + interior coordination fee will be settled.

Building delivery


Follow-up after completion is important to make the building more comfortable, such as one-year inspection, maintenance, and aftercare.We will work with the contractor.Please feel free to contact us if you have any new problems with architecture due to changes in the family structure or lifestyle of the people who live there over the years.We will help you create a space for your comfortable life.



Please feel free to contact us


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