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Japanese Tea House to the world

Tsubaki is in the world

Reasons to introduce a japanese tea house

We give a hard time to make a cup of tea and hold a one-time tea party for one person.
At that time, from the heart of valuing the place and the encounter with the person, we prepare, entertain, and make tea.

If you are a Japanese person who understands wabi-sabi, taste and emotion, you can understand it even if it is sensuous, but it is difficult for foreigners to understand it correctly.

If it is a form that appeals directly to the eyes, you can experience the spirit of the once-in-a-lifetime tea ceremony.
The mobile tea room overseas is dismantled at the end of the tea ceremony, and it disappears ephemeral without a trace.

Indeed, the opportunity to meet is only once that day. It's easy to foresee that the same encounter will never happen again.



United Nations , NY

[Suitcase Tea Room ZEN-An Zenan United Nations Tea Ceremony]
The peace event "Peace is ..." was successfully completed with the highest number of participating countries and visitors.
Collaboration with Ichihodo Shoko Aono + singer Mai Fujisawa (daughter of Joe Hisaishi) & UN Chamber Music + sword fighter KASUMI + ITO EN! It was a wonderful experience to recognize the possibility of ZEN-An Zen-an, a suitcase tea room for transmitting Japanese culture. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved.




We also held a tea ceremony at Central Park, and even received a purchase from the Newark Museum. The tea room is easy to carry, but the small suitcase is packed with the finest Japanese craftsmanship. In the city where you crossed the sea from Japan and flew in the sky, the scenery where the craftsmanship jumped out like a tamatebako and the tea ceremony started is a moment when Japan's pride is born with surprise.

This was born from the feeling that if nothing happens now, there will surely be no masters, and traditional craftsmanship will not be connected to the next generation. I hope that through this Zen hermitage, work will surely come to the craftsmen and Japanese culture will spread all over the world.



Former residence of Wang Xizhi

ZEN-An's trip to China.




Suitcase Tea Room Zenan in Paris
Zen-an assembly performance at the park with the Eiffel Tower and the Wall of Peace & a performance to coincide with the collaborative exhibition at the Paris Nichido Gallery with the tea ceremony calligrapher Ryowa Ebihara!
"Wa" in the park and "Natural" in the gallery


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