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Design philosophy

Philosophy of architect Kuniji Tsubaki

Tsubaki Architectural Design Institute is working to create a space that is kind to people and the earth.
We propose a healthy, safe and comfortable life surrounded by natural materials, coexisting with the climate of Japan's four seasons.We are aiming for an architectural design that will grow the building together with the residents and increase the warmth and depth.

"Balance" and "comfort"

When thinking about a building, first imagine this and proceed with the design.Balance is the balance of structure, cost, aesthetics, and owner, design, and construction.

If any one of these is out of balance, the existence of the building will be uncomfortable.
No matter how much an architect likes a building, it doesn't make sense unless the owner, who is the resident and user, is satisfied.
The building created by the owner, architect, and builder in a true cooperative and symbiotic manner will exist for a long time, and will be a calm and comfortable space.

It is a place where people live every day, coexisting in the natural environment.

I want to be an architect who continues to create convincing buildings in search of "balance" and "comfort" with keywords such as cityscape, environment, nature, materials, time, symbiosis, and dialogue.

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