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組立茶室 創匠庵 Shousoh-An

Designed the assembly tea room "Takumi Soan" (named Urasenke Sen Soshitsu XV) at the "Monozukuri / Takumi Skill Festival 2016" held at the Tokyo International Forum.

This tea room, which consists of a hall with 8 tatami mats, a booth with a second tatami mat, and a mizuya, does not use any hardware and incorporates new assembly-type ideas while sticking to traditional construction methods.

Kumiko work wall panels, fusuma walls of Edo Komon, openwork of 47 prefectures, mosaic tiles with the image of waterside and open fields where moss and trees grow, and many other craftsmen such as Edo Kiriko, tableware, plasterers, etc. With the skill and cooperation, a full-scale assembled tea room was completed.

It took two months to make it, but it can be disassembled and assembled in a few hours. In addition, it is one of the major features that it is an assembled tea room that can show various expressions by changing the combination of parts depending on the purpose and space, such as using only the hall or only the booth + mizuya.

組立茶室 匠創庵 Shousoh-An

Location: Tokyo

Use: Assembled tea room

Structural scale:-

Construction period: February 2016-August 2016

Construction company: Construction management "Ya Group"

Total floor area: 30.16㎡

Person in charge: Asami Karasu

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