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方丈庵 Hohjo-An

Although it is a small space, a dirt floor seat will be provided in the Kyoma 3 tatami mat corner cutting furnace. A restored and regenerated japanese tea house(Chashitsu) that reuses the fittings and ceremonial table tea room of the old house.

Designed a tea room in a vacant warehouse of the owner who runs the gallery.

Although it is a small space, a dirt floor seat was set up in the Kyoma three-mat corner cutting furnace, and a standing mizuya was built in the kitchen connected to the tea room by removing the wall. In the open field, a stool waiting room with a standing tsukubai is arranged like a stage, and it has been reborn as a tea room space where you can fully enjoy tea while being compact.

In addition, the old house fittings and ceremonial table that the owner had preserved are reused to create a tea room that has been restored and regenerated.

方丈庵 Hohjo-An

Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Use: Condominium entrance renovation

Renovation area: 25.7㎡

Construction period: February 2015-August 2015

Construction company: Construction management "Ya Group"

Person in charge: Asami Karasu

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