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東籬庵 Thokoh-An

I hope for a modern Japanese-style architecture that suits the current lifestyle while setting up a full-fledged tea room in a quiet residential area in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. We entered the "Nijiriguchi" from the entrance and crossed the japanese tea house(Chashitsu) booth (2nd tatami mat) and the tatami corridor with the tea garden to the tea room hall (8 tatami mats), and an LDK was set up in the back. By providing private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor, it is a house that takes into consideration the segregation of living environments.

東籬庵 Thokoh-An

Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Use: Private housing

Structural scale: Wooden 2nd floor above ground

Construction period: December 2006-July 2007

Construction company: Daikatsu Construction

Total floor area: 141.58㎡

Person in charge: Asami Karasu

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