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テルメ末広 Public bath "Therme Suehiro"

This is a renewal plan for the old-fashioned public bath Suehiro-yu with a number in Shimo, Kita-ku, Tokyo. As a public bath, the entrance, front desk, waiting lobby and coin-operated laundry will be added to the entire surface of the building with 8 frontages, and a new sauna, open-air bath, jacuzzi, discussion room, etc. will be built to make you feel at home. It is a popular public bath that has been reborn as a space. Many appearances on TV, magazines and media!

テルメ末広 Public Bath "Therme Suehiro"

Location: Kita-ku, Tokyo

Use: Store / public bath

Structural scale: Two-story wooden structure

Construction period: September 1996-April 1997

Construction company:-

Total floor area:-

Person in charge:-

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