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TD's Traditional japanese house

A house near the Otonashi River, which was selected as one of the 100 best views of Edo, where you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossom trees.

The plan began with the hope of a house where you can fully enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom trees on the site near the Otonashi River, which has been selected as one of the 100 Famous Views of Edo in Kita-ku, Tokyo. The cherry blossoms at the entrance determine the layout of this building, and the scenery from the living room and dining room is also effectively produced with cherry blossoms and other trees. The floor and walls are also taken into consideration for pet dogs, making it a healthy home. Nominated for the finalist of the 2nd Kita Ward Landscape Award.

TD's Home

Location: Kita-ku, Tokyo

Use: Private housing

Structural scale: Wooden 2nd floor above ground

Construction period: October 2003-April 2004

Construction company: Koshino Construction Co., Ltd.

Total floor area: 151.5㎡

Person in charge:-

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