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SN's Traditional japanese house

It is a house that has been designed to suit the modern lifestyle while incorporating Japanese elements everywhere.

The plan started with the hope of a full-fledged wooden Japanese-style house in a corner of Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, where condominiums and buildings are lined up.

The garage and the Sukiya gate are integrated to create the atmosphere of a Machiya in Kyoto by lengthening the approach to the entrance.

In addition, the living room is a one-story building, which is swung 60 degrees to expand from the dining room and take in natural light from the garden.

It is a house designed to suit the modern lifestyle while incorporating Japanese-style elements everywhere from the entrance to the Japanese-style room, stairs, and toilet.

SN's Home

Location: Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

Use: Private housing

Structural scale: Wooden 2nd floor above ground

Construction period: June 2002-December 2002

Construction company: Honma Construction Co., Ltd.

Total floor area: 227.8㎡

Person in charge: Kuniji Tsubaki

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