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映心庵 Eishin-An

Kyoma 8-mat hall, 2-mat booth, and a tea ceremony room for practicing Kyudo (Japanese archery).

The entrance earthen floor has a high ceiling for Kyudo (Japanese archery), and the window is retracted to allow for a wide use of the open space.

The fittings in the hall are made of Edo-karakami paper and connected by sliding fusuma sliding doors to a small room with a lattice window and an overflow door, making it possible to use the room in various ways.

Tea can be enjoyed while looking out over the sunny open space.

To meet fire prevention standards, shutters and sleeve walls have been added in a way that is unique to urban areas.

映心庵 Eishin-An

Location: Japan

Use: Tea room

Structural scale: -

Construction period: 2022

Construction company: -

Total floor area: -

Person in charge: -

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