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Plastering autumn leaves wall


There are usually many tea rooms and houses, but the site of store design is in progress. Even if there is no construction period, the craftsmanship cannot be handed over.
I tried embedding autumn leaves 🍁 in the wall of the store! I wanted to try the "Maple Room" that I saw at Wachigai-ya in Kyoto someday, but I finally came across a glossy Japanese-style room that suits sake.

It is a construction that makes heavy use of solid logs. It will take time. It doesn't end even if you do it for two days, even between the small alcove in the corner of the store.
Although it is a store, it has the same full-scale specifications as the tea room.
According to Carpenter Takahashi, "It takes time and effort to do this job!" "If you want to raise young masters, you have to change the system of the prime contractor!"

Certainly, the day may come when a tea room cannot be built without seriously considering the succession of traditional techniques.
First of all, I just pray for the safe opening on February 11th!

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